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Monday, 14 March 2011

Why Is Cat Hiding In The Fridge?

Indeed, why is the cat hiding in the fridge? I asked myself the same question.

There was no space on the counters to jump on, no spoon to be found to scoop out wet cat food; do we blame the poor kitty?

And it is all because of the mess cooking and baking all weekend created.

So what would one do when faced with such a mess in the kitchen? A bright light bulb shone in my head. Rather than clean the mess, and then have to clean the kitchen counters, floors and cabinets, why not pack all in boxes and destroy the kitchen?  I have been thinking about renovating somerville kitchen for a while,  what is a better time than today.

So packing and destruction began, news and noise traveled fast that the neighbour's cat had to run for the fridge. 

Follow somerville kitchen renovation daily here and find out with me how to keep home cooking going during kitchen renos.

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