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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Chicago Trip - Inbound

Very early flight, rushing to the airport, hungry, fast food breakfast of eggs on English muffins and mini hash browns. Not only this was a 100% cholesterol boost, but those mini hash browns turned themselves into an indestructible castle in my stomach.

After lunch cookies to keep us going in our meeting. These were tiny cookies, all sorts of varieties, and very addictive. Was it a dozen I ended up eating? They added a nice pathway to the hash browns castle in my stomach.

Working night at the hotel meant room service - Chicago Chop Chop salad. How can anyone get a chop salad wrong? Well, this hotel managed to do so. Tasteless lettuce soaked with vinegar, salami chunks, four pieces of small cheese cubes and the leathery flavourless chicken - all for a bargain price of US$22.

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