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Sunday, 30 November 2014

A Chocolate Weekend - Part B

And the story of Xoxolat eat-the-chocolate-bars-in-this-order continues (Read Part A of A Chocolate Weekend).

The Dick.Taylor Ecuador Camino Verde bar suffered from a chocoholic break-in and I never had a chance to taste it. So I went on directly to its cousin Dark.Taylor Belize Toledo.

A beautiful classy looking chocolate bar enjoyed with milk in a classy glass - I liked this one a lot.

Piura Porcelana had beautiful packaging; I won't be surprised if it is a big seller due to package appeal.

The tasting notes said: Vibrant, luscious with lime, apricot, raspberry flavours and notes of toasted pecan; a perfect work inspiration chocolate.

All good things come to an end. Back to the starting brand but this time it is the Amano Dos Rio.
Are these chocolates now going to turn into an ongoing work inspiration requirement?

1271 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC

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Saturday, 29 November 2014

A Chocolate Weekend - Part A

I received this pack of chocolate bars as a gift. They are from a Yaletown Chocolate Bar called Xoxolat (pronounced as sho-sho-lat).

I also received a note that the store person recommended I try the bars in this specific order.

Who am I not to listen to the Xoxolat chocolate experts. I started left with the Amano Madagascar.

With whole vanilla beans, I am not sure pairing with apricot juice was the right choice.

The Sirene included a tasting pair: Camino Verde from Ecuador and Somia Plantation from Madagascar.

The descriptions of the plantations of each pair read like a description of wines. I resisted and sampled them with milk. Very enjoyable pair.

The Ariba Ecuador was a perfect jeans pocket fit and, as such, great for taking a break (but not as tasty as a KitKat).

 Want to hear more chocolate? Tune back tomorrow for Part B or take a stroll to Xoxolat

1271 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

My Favourite Meals - Riz Bi Djaj

Riz (rice) bi (with) djaj (chicken) is by far a favourite meal.

It takes a lot of prep. But organized mom prepares all ahead of my arrival and to make it, she mixes the frozen cooked chicken, cooked beef, chicken broth and rice.

What is made on the spot is the frying of the nuts.

Once the rice and meats are cooked, the nuts are poured over it.

A fantastic site and taste.

Thank you mom for all those favourite meals.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Snacking takes many forms in this Lebanese house, with nuts as the flagship.

Mom micro manages how much she will eat of each.

While the rest of us pig out on them at random.

Tomatoes are sometimes added to the mix for a healthy snack.

Mid-morning snacking is light.

And fun to play with.

Manakeesh are a perfect snack anytime.

And by far my favourite snack.


Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I am not going to write much on Mounir - you've read enough about this place before. 

(Read A Snack at Mounir, Feasting @ Mounir, Back at Mounir).

So instead of distracting you with the writing, I am going to leave you to go on a visual journey of this lovely feast.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Another Soubhieh

Soubhieh is when Lebanese get together to visit over coffee, cigarettes and treats.

The coffee is served in fancy cups.

And a spread of sweets are laid out to enjoy with coffee.

Today's Soubhieh included a French yogurt cake (Click for RECIPE) and a simple wacky chocolate cake (tune back next week for recipe).

But the star of this Soubhieh were those hand made petit fours filled with dates, dark or white chocolate.

Finally, to digest all of this, a serving of sugar covered almonds, wafer chocolates and Aaramish appeared.