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Friday, 28 February 2014

Homer Street Café

I remember loving this small Chinese food diner on the corner of Homer and Smithe over 25 years ago. It is now a fancy, multi-levels Homer St. Café and Bar specializing in roasting delicious chicken in front of your eyes.

Twice the price of Swiss Chalet, three times the price of a Safeway roasted chicken, but is it worth the price? The quality of chicken is excellent. The dipping sauce is probably not made of chicken feet and the coleslaw is amazing but no French Fries. Somewhat worth the price, I say.

On the other hand, a side of Brussels Sprouts was disappointing (but then again, I have been spoiled by Flying Pig's crusty sprouts). 

But Homer St. Café and Bar redeemed themselves very quickly with a well made, tasty decadent dessert - baked bread pudding with sour cherry and brandy cream. Well worth its $6.00 price tag (actually pretty cheap for the quantity and quality).

Homer St. Café  and Bar
898 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC

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Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Catsess Day - Nights

Dear Readers. Catsess took over Wacky Thursdays for the next month to tell us about her day. Wacky Thursdays will resume in March.

"Now I have eaten all day (Read A Catsess Day - Mornings), napped all afternoon  (Read A Catsess Day - Afternoons), socialized with the humans (Read A Catsses Day - Afternoons). I am ready to terrorize the house and its inhabitants all night."

"Go to sleep? I am a feral cat and we no sleep at night. This is the time for adventure. But first I have to groom myself for the performance."

"Look at me, I am going to sit in my basket quietly all night (ha, he believed me - you see, this always gets me treats)".

"Tricked you! It's play time. First, let me help you take your clothes off. I promise I won't leave any scratches".

"No, you cannot jump in the shower, I hate water. Either crush me with your foot or skip the shower - which will you do?"

"Good decision, skip the shower. Now let me tuck you into your bed. Don't worry, I know what I am doing."

"Yay - playtime. Human in bed. Now I can go upstairs and run, roll, jump off window sills and make sure no one gets to sleep."

"Okay Mr. time to get up. The sun is almost up and I am bored of playing alone all night!"

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Radville Food - Fettucini With Tomatoe

This cookbook is so filled with good recipes that I found another simple excellent recipe on the same page as yesterday's (Read Radville Food - Casserole).

Tonight's recipe is called Fettuccini with Tomatoes.

Onions, bacon, fresh tomatoes, and herbs blend together in perfect proportions to make a fantastic sauce.

It is then mixed with the cooked fettuccini and sprinkled with fresh parmesan cheese - an excellent meal.

 For copies of the book contact Rumours at

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Radville Food - Shipwreck's Casserole

Radville is a community of less than 1000 people in Southern Saskatchewan.

And it is amazing how a community so small can produce such a great cookbook with endless recipes to try.

Tonight's choice was a simple recipe called Shipwreck's Casserole.

So simple that you layer potatoes, onions, carrots, celery, rice and ground beef and cover with a can of tomato soup and hot water.

The spicing is simple - salt, pepper and paprika. 

Slow cooked for 2 hours, it turned out exceptional.

For the recipe, you'd have to buy the book and support Radville.

 (contact Rumours at for a copy).

Monday, 24 February 2014

Snowy Monday

"Where do you think you are going in all this snow" asks catsess.

Obviously nowhere. I am officially snowed in - a perfect way to catch up on the mounting work.

But it is too gloomy to be at my home office desk downstairs. 

Well, I am going to make this day a very special snowed in day.

Start a big fire, move the office upstairs, listen to your cat and get the day going.

A special snowed in day is a perfect opportunity to try a new discovery that everyone around me is talking about - Kicking Horse Coffee.

You've got to respect a company with guts to name its coffee blends Half Ass, Kick Ass and Smart Ass.

Intrigued to find out more, I learned that this is an almost 20-years old company that started in the owners' garage in Invermere, BC. Today, you can buy Kicking Horse Coffee almost all over North America, but the same passion about the coffee made in the garage remains driving the company.

In my younger days, I drank 5 Starbucks cups a day. So even though my readers know me more as a tea lover, I know a thing or two about coffee.

This cup of Kicking Horse Coffee I made was excellent. A flavour that is rich, almost sweet, without the burnt or bitter taste that many coffees have.

Fantastic taste and aroma that a cup of tea gives me, but with a perfect buzz that only coffee can deliver.

Just imagine how exceptional this experience is if I drank a professionally prepared cup at their Invermere Café. Hmmm, an adventure in the making....

After a productive day of Kicking Horse Coffee, jam and bread sandwiches, I was ready for a nice warm meal.

So I ventured out in the snow and managed to cross the street to My Dear Lovely Neighbour's kitchen.

The beautiful aromas of coffee and fireplace continued into my neighbours kitchen with a delicious warm spicy meal of mince, vegetables, fish curry and Indian pancakes.

Great idea Catsess. Thank you.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sensuous Sunday

Nigel likes to show up on Sundays (Read Sunday Night with Nigel). 

Tonight he showed up with a bulging vegetable saying "if a fingernail lightly pressed against the skin fails to leave a wound, then it is unlikely ever to be tender enough to eat".

Oh you are so senuous Nigel.

The squash or marrow is massaged for a couple of hours in a simple oily creation: garlic, mint leaves, olive oil and lemon.

(Aristotle advised Alexander the Great not to let his warriors partake of any mint while on crusade because of the herb’s potent, aphrodisiac effects).

Nigel says; "I don't turn the meat or stir it, however tempting, till the underside has had a chance to colour and crisp; Continueal movement result in 'wet rather than crisp-edged mince"

Who am I to disobey.

The meat is seasoned with dill, parsley, garlic, red chillies, olive oil and lime.

It seems that to provoke bodily lust in both sexes, fresh ground dill seed is taken in a bit of honey  in a glass of wine several hours before the effect is desired.

Thank you for the most sensuous night Nigel.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Peaceful Saturday

A beautiful set of Indian serving dishes showed up for Christmas.

A perfect cold night to lounge in front of the fire and play with one's Christmas gifts. 

A peaceful Saturday means you don't cook, but pick up goodies off the street.

A chicken curry, a chicken biryani, a couple of naans, raita - now is a perfect time to light the candles, the fire, and keep the curry warm until one fancies a taste.

A peaceful Saturday indeed. Let it snow outside; just make sure the curtains are shut and the fire is on.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Fun Friday

It's Friday, let's be politically incorrect and have authentic French buttery fois gras!

It's Friday, let's be carnivorous and have our roast beef bloody.

It's Friday, let's be merry and get drunk.

It's Friday, let's indulge.

It's Friday, let's get the fire going till Monday morning!


Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Catsess Day - Evenings

Dear Readers. Catsess took over Wacky Thursdays for the next month to tell us about her day. Wacky Thursdays will resume in March.

"Now I have eaten all day (Read A Catsess Day - Mornings), napped all afternoon and taken my vitamins (Read A Catsess Day - Afternoons), I can face socializing with the humans in the evenings."

"What do you mean you are tired and need to put your feet up? What about me?"

"You think I am going to hide like a crazy feral when your friends visit?  Those days are over, I am keeping an eye on those humans you call friends."

"And if you are going to feed them, there better be some tasty snacks for me or you guys are eating on the floor."

"Fine, kick me off the table. I will be putting catsess spells on you from afar."

"See? You are all under my spell now. You even brought a chair specially for me to join you for tea and desserts. Now I am a happy catsess."

"But nothing makes me happiest than ending the evening in my human's lap..."

"...dreaming up mischief for the night (more on this next Thursday)".