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Friday, 1 August 2014

Cookbook Book Club Continues

Amidst old and new somerville kitchen cookbook book club members, and in a beautiful home, we all gathered around the dining room table to enjoy home made cooked Indian food and discuss all the lovely books we brought with us.

Our gracious hostess presented an ancient book that comes from her mother - recipes from the National Indian Association of the Women of Calcutta.

A treasure book for sure and the beef tikka made from it was simply delicious, with simpler spicing than that you get at Indian restaurants.


Any cookbook authors reading this, we'd love to host you and your book in our next meeting.


Thursday, 31 July 2014

What Wacky Ideas Would Food Manufacturers Bring Out Next

Coco Glace is one of Time's 12 Tastiest New Foods.

Described as the coolest crafted coconut, it is basically slices of natural coconut meat and coconut water served in a natural coconut shell and frozen.

Once you defrost it (which takes hours), you can enjoy it like you are picking coconut off a tree in a jungle (provided you have the skills to open a natural coconut shell).

Too bad my camera battery died once I opened the package.

I have not tasted fresh coconut before, so it was an experience.

Personally, I'd rather stick to a white and creamy coconut cream pie.

For the rest of you, look for it at your supermarket.

More info HERE


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

What Is Zaa'tar

Readers would have seen those Manakeesh lots of times on the blog.

Those are made with a Lebanese spice mix called Zaa'tar.

Many have asked me to describe Zaa'tar but it is always difficult to explain.

Until I stumbled upon this great posted at Greens Salad Bar (new Lebanese Restaurant in town - click HERE to read about it).

It is a simple and accurate description of Zaa'tar. Enjoy and bookmark this page in case someone asks you.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Glad To See

A year ago I wrote about a beautiful small Lebanese restaurant called Beirut Bistro (Read Vancouver Welcomes Beirut). Sadly, it closed down.

But in its same location, we now have another quality small Lebanese restaurant. 

Greens Salad Bar may not be the most exciting name. But the place itself is very sweet. Ran by a Lebanese family, you sense the home made touch of the dough and fillings of the different fatayer and manakeesh.

They offer a series of warm dishes (including what I hear is the best Chicken Shawarma and Falafel in the city), daily specials and a Lebanese inspired salad bar that is sold by weight and you can add to it some fatayer or meats.

I skipped the salad bar and opted for a plate of humus, tabouleh and choice of 3 fatayer (I tried one of each of the meat, spinach and cheese). 

Somerville Kitchen Lebanese-authentic certified! Give it a try.

Mediterranean Greens Salad Bar
812 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC

Mediterranean Greens Salad Bar on Urbanspoon

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sorry, taking the day off....

.... and spending it reading Archie Comics. The blog will resume tomorrow.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

B & B

Today, B&B does not stand for Bed and Breakfast. It stands for My Dear Lovely Neighbours' Biryani and Blueberries.

The one pot chicken Biryani was better than excellent. Freshly made, cooking for hours on low heat, spicy, tasty. I ate most of this pot.

And dessert was fresh local blueberries. They may have been from My Dear Lovely Neighbour's garden, but there were no confirmation or denial to this rumour.