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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Double Leftover Risotto

This is the month of experimentation with leftovers. 

The Twisted Vegetarian Lasagna earlier in the week inspired me to keep on going.

Two leftovers were hanging out in the fridge. The first was the Baked Beans in Coffee

Those went into the greenish pot with regular long grain rice.

Those turned into a mushy baked beans in coffee risotto.

The second leftover container had the delicious meal I made a couple of days ago and that I cannot remember its name.

I still do not know what the dish is, but seemed to be the right companion to basmati rice.

Those went into the yellow pot with the basmati.

And a double leftover risotto dinner was served. 

And I will leave it at that.


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Happy Four Years somerville kitchen

Today, somerville kitchen is 4 years old. 

This means close to 1500 articles read by a total of 254,497 readers to date; almost the size of the population of Brazos county in Texas.

Today, 7000+ readers visit the blog every month.

My favourite 4 years' stats, though, are those of cats.

The blog has 169 stories with cats in them, including close to 200 cat pictures (check them all at Kitchen Cats).

So it is only appropriate to celebrate the 4 years with a white and creamy cake and the lovely white and snobby catsess.

 Looking forward to more writing and more of you reading. Happy blogoversary!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Delicious But Forgotten Recipe

This dinner was so tasty.

A chicken stew of sorts.

Cooked with yogurt and spices, covered with fried almond slivers.

Served with spicy hot pan fried potatoes.

I told you it was a delicious dinner.

Now if only I remember where this recipe came from; I would love to make it again (and this time share the recipe with you my dear readers).


Sunday, 3 August 2014

Baked Beans In.... Coffee

Weekends is when Kicking Horse Coffee makes an appearance at somerville kitchen.

One cup only, though. Which means leftover unused coffee that is too good to go down the sink.

That is when I run to my coffee cookbook.

Today's adventure was baked beans, in a coffee sauce.

It turned out exceptionally tasty and you don't need a slow cooker to make it.

Here's the recipe - highly recommended.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Vegetarian Lasagna With A Twist

It all started with being lazy.

Freezer had a bag of frozen cooked lasagna.

Fridge had a container of leftovers beans and cauliflower cooked in tomato sauce.

Vegetarian lasagna made the dinner menu.

Just like any lasagna, all was layered.

Along with white sauce, ricotta cheese, Swiss cheese.

The only variance is rather than a meat or a mixed vegetable stuffing, it was the leftovers greens.

I may not have been the nicest lasagna to look at nor the easiest to eat, but I did enjoy it.


Friday, 1 August 2014

Cookbook Book Club Continues

Amidst old and new somerville kitchen cookbook book club members, and in a beautiful home, we all gathered around the dining room table to enjoy home made cooked Indian food and discuss all the lovely books we brought with us.

Our gracious hostess presented an ancient book that comes from her mother - recipes from the National Indian Association of the Women of Calcutta.

A treasure book for sure and the beef tikka made from it was simply delicious, with simpler spicing than that you get at Indian restaurants.


Any cookbook authors reading this, we'd love to host you and your book in our next meeting.


Thursday, 31 July 2014

What Wacky Ideas Would Food Manufacturers Bring Out Next

Coco Glace is one of Time's 12 Tastiest New Foods.

Described as the coolest crafted coconut, it is basically slices of natural coconut meat and coconut water served in a natural coconut shell and frozen.

Once you defrost it (which takes hours), you can enjoy it like you are picking coconut off a tree in a jungle (provided you have the skills to open a natural coconut shell).

Too bad my camera battery died once I opened the package.

I have not tasted fresh coconut before, so it was an experience.

Personally, I'd rather stick to a white and creamy coconut cream pie.

For the rest of you, look for it at your supermarket.

More info HERE