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Sunday, 6 April 2014

The somerville kitchen Dinner Party YVR Dinner

Thank you Social Bites for the amazing experience of hosting a #DinnerPartyYVR at somerville kitchen - this is what the lovely guests walked in to.

And thank you for my right hand chef from The World In A Garden, we had so much fun.

Food kept on flowing, the conversation was easy, and all were comfortable - one wouldn't guess that many in the room have not met each other before today.

In the theme of gardens, the dessert was a simple Lebanese style fruit salad, served with Iranian chick peas cookies.

A very pleasant evening indeed. A very rewarding experience. And everyone walked away with a trial offer from SPUD, including catsess.

Thank you all, including the lovely guests, for making this evening a success.


Saturday, 5 April 2014

Cooking & Blogging For Dinner Party YVR

(Start by reading yesterday's article HERE)

My #dinnerpartyYVR apron (Thank you Cressey) went on at 8 am today and the operation #dinnerpartyYVR kicked off.

After a hand written schedule was prepared, I moved to organizing ingredients, cleaning and preparing the place and ensuring enough booze for all. 

The green menu for tonight includes chard, dandelions, green oregano, dried oregano, and grapevine leaves from the jardin.

Dessert remains a surprise to you and my guests.

Now I await my The World In A Garden right hand for the dinner to arrive and the final touches will take place. All excited about tonight except for grumpy catsess.

Tune back tomorrow to see the meal.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Somerville Kitchen Part of Dinner Party YVR

somerville kitchen is honored and proud to be part of Social Bites Dinner Party YVR tomorrow.

Social Bites puts on not so ordinary dinner parties including tomorrow' Dinner Party YVR where hobby chefs around the city are opening their homes to diners who bought tickets for the dinner and the proceeds go to charities.

And somerville kitchen is one of those homes, with a delicious menu designed around growing your own food, using ingredients that can grow nicely in our city, including some from somerville kitchen's own jardin.

Appropriately enough, the charity I chose is one that aligns with growing your own food - The World in A Garden. The World in A Garden is a great educational urban farm and garden project with a beautiful garden in Kerrisdale and amazing events throughout the year (click HERE to subscribe to their mailing list; well worth it).

Finally, I'd like to thank SPUD for their support of this event. I was one of the first users of SPUD years ago, but our lives separated 8 years ago. I am so glad to reconnect.

Tune in tomorrow to read about the prep and Sunday to see the meal on the blog.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Perfect Wacky Thursday Dining

In over 30 years in Canada, I have yet to try A&W, until tonight.

It was, overall, a very pleasant outing. I went to the one on Oak street (and 49th) which was a good choice.

Quiet, clean, comfortable, extremely friendly and polite staff, even bringing out the food to the table.

With all the signage about 100% pure beef with no hormones or steroids, there were difficult negotiations with the higher ups to break lent for a day and try the beef.

But I committed the deadly sin of lust where i did not have one (Mozaburger) burger, but two (Teen burger). While bland beef, it tasted way more like beef than any other fast food chain burgers I had. Not to mention those cutest french fries baskets (I want one).

A fun experience for sure, even though I forgot to order the root beer.

6491 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ask For Who?

Luigi. Yes, Ask For Luigi and you will be sitting in the cutest Italian bistro in the city served by humble friendly models and watching the down-to-earth chefs cooking.

Very unique and innovative menu meant writing off the afternoon; pretending we are in Europe chatting and trying one colourful dish after another; starting with anchovies and eggs.

Moving to a favourite that I am going to try at home - fried cauliflower covered with mint, fried chickpeas, and lots and lots of shredded cheese.

Another must-have is the suppli - a fried risotto filled with cheese and served with fried basil and a lovely sauce.

For greens, slightly fried watercress and endives with goat cheese, delicious simple dressing and lots of nuts - a meal on its own.

Despite all those antipasti (we were two after all), one could not resist trying the pasta when you are sitting watching them making the dough right there and then.

With a limited selection, we shared the linguini with pancetta, chilies & tomato sauce. It was amazing. Too bad we ate so much, I would have liked to try their olive oil cake for dessert. There will be a next time for sure.

Ask for Luigi
305 Alexander Street
Vancouver, BC

Ask for Luigi on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Work Day

This is how catsess spent her day.

While my day started with breakfast at my first meeting - a tasty cheap granola bar and a juice costing 4 times of that.

And a packed in plastic protein lunch eaten while driving to the next meeting (have you ever tried eating peanut butter spread on pita while driving?)

To stay alert for my next meeting, a nanaimo bar eaten as I am trying to remember where I left Joey.

With the evening wrapped up at a work function with lots of people, networking, speeches and not-so-bad (but not so good either) food.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Messed Up Recipe

Are you tired of hearing about Lenten Cookbook?

I'm getting there.

Tonight I went for baked beans. The recipe called for pre-cooked beans, which I had a lot of, so it was handy.

The recipe was perfectly easy too for a busy day. Mix the beans with a whole bunch of stuff and bake for 45 minutes.

Well, here's the story of how I messed up with this recipe.

First, I did not bother with the amounts of anything matching the recipe.

I added molasses and brown sugar, but quickly realized that I may have overdone this.

Thought will make up for it with the other ingredients.

So I substituted mustard seed with dijon mustard, ground ginger with fresh ginger and ground cloves with lots of cloves.

Added a hot chili for good measures and baked.

The outcome - weird.

The tastes did not mix well (maybe I should have baked it longer). One spoon of sweet, one spoon of cloves and one spoon of spice was the eating experience.

Maybe it is a sign that I should move to another cookbook (or stop playing with recipes).