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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Catsess Forever Home Anniversary

Two years ago on December 14, somerville kitchen lost its cats (Read Sad Day). Two years ago today, somerville kitchen welcomed catses. A year later, two of three passed on (Read My Three Brothers), leaving my princess Catsess to have all the love and care every cat deserves. Despite expectations that she won't make it past 2 years, Catsess is now 2.5 years old and 2 years in her forever home.

Catsess' day starts with jumping on and off my bed to wake me up. Catsess does not use her litter box anymore. I open the jardin door and she goes out and does her business outside (and goes out again in the late pm for round two). 

The mornings and nights are spent turning the house into a playground. Every carpet and blanket moves around with toys rolled in them; but she leaves kicking the golf ball around until after midnight - just as I am falling into a deep sleep.

Sleep time starts with my afternoon nap; joining me under the blanket. 

The rest of the afternoon is spent in jardin, running after birds (she already caught two this summer), scaring away rats and climbing where she shouldn't climb only to cry to help her down. Catsess is at her happiest during this jardin adventure time.

From there she moves to socializing with whoever is in the living room; usually spying on every movement from her basket.

When things get boring, time for another long nap with her spa brush in front of the fire.

Thank you VOKRA for rescuing Catsess - a weird but so loved cat that I am hoping she remains healthy and active and celebrate many anniversaries in her forever home.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

12 Days of My Favourite Christmas Shopping

On the seventh day of Christmas shopping Nurture with Nature sent to me seven swans a swimming; more like bathing with the best hand made soaps and bath sizzlers (visit the open house on Saturday between 1 to 8 pm or call ahead for a private shopping with Chai experience).

Nurture with Nature  2050 Scotia Street, Suite 120, Vancouver or email 

On the eighth day of Christmas shopping Chocolate Arts sent to me eight maids a milking; making sure the milk only goes into half the chocolate mix given how exceptionally delicious their dark chocolates are. 

Chocolate Arts  1620 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver

On the ninth day of Christmas shopping VOKRA sent to me nine ladies dancing; these ladies are working very hard to rescue and foster lovely cats - what's a better Christmas gift than donating to VOKRA on behalf of your loved ones (or check their store for gifts, calendars and Christmas cards).

On the tenth day of Christmas shopping The Regional Assembly of Text sent to me ten lords are leaping; leaping to a future where paper, pens and typewriters replace computers, laptops and tablets for staying in touch with friends and loved ones.

 The Regional Assembly of Text  3934 Main Street Vancouver

On the eleventh day of Christmas shopping Kelly's Corner Store sent to me eleven pipers piping; where you can support a local business and buy old fashioned candies as stocking stuffers, anything else you are missing to finish your dinner and rub the tummy of the lovely strawberry.

Kelly's Corner Store  959 East 35th Street Vancouver

On the twelve day of Christmas shopping Welk's sent to me twelve drummers drumming; leading to the best selection of unique gifts under one roof.

 Welk's General Store  3511 Main Street Vancouver


Monday, 15 December 2014

12 Days of My Favourite Christmas Shopping

On the first day of Christmas shopping London Drugs sent to me a partridge in a pear tree; full of the nicest and cheapest Christmas decorations in town.

London Drugs  Varied Locations,

On the second day of Christmas shopping Sweet e's sent to me two turtle doves; one from each of the two lovely talented ladies at Sweet e's.

Sweet e's  2032 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver,

On the third day of Christmas shopping Motherland sent to me three french hens; stacked with the most elegantly locally designed and manufactured men clothing in all of Vancouver.

Motherland  3647 Main Street, Vancouver,

On the fourth day of Christmas shopping Rumour Handcraft sent to me four calling birds; delivering the best of Saskatchewan's local arts and handcrafts to all of Canada for free.

Rumour Handcraft Inc. #15- 5201 Regina Avenue, Regina

On the fifth day of Christmas shopping Janice Wong Studio sent to me five golden rings; to match Janice Wong's class-of-their-own paintings worth their size in gold.

Janice Wong Studio  1707 Fir Street, Vancouver,

On the sixth day of Christmas European Specialty Importers sent to me six geese a laying; to remind me of all the Christmas goodies to cheer up the little baby geese in your lives.

European Specialty Importers  220 Prior Street, Vancouver
(tune back tomorrow for Part 2 of 12 Days of My Favourite Christmas Shopping)

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sunday Omelet Entertainment

This omelet almost made it to Wacky Thursday.

But the only weird thing about it is having mushy soaked bread.

Yes, it is a typical Spanish style omelet, with parsley, onions, zucchini and ... shredded soaked bread.

I find it I focus my article on the wacky production only, a comment appears asking for how did the production tasted like.

Well, if you have no aversion to a bread pudding texture and yeast taste, then it tastes great - both hot off the pan and cold for breakfast the day after.


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Richmond Adventure with Minkey

Destination - the depths of Richmond

Occasion - just because we miss each other

Location - a palace on Granville Street

Food - Asian fusion (more on that below)

Entertainment - Minkey

Minkey is an adorable cat. She loves being not only with, but also on, people.

The first person that sits down somewhere, Minkey is on their lap, climbing to their face, purring excitedly and cuddling for as long as one tolerates her.

Back to the Asian fusion food. From China, a simple, delicious, home made wonton soup.

From Thailand, spicy eggplant over noodles.

And an amazing chicken and red peppers home-made South Indian dish.

Back to Minkey. She broke every house rule and joined dinner guests in their lap on the table.

And it's not for the food; just for the company.

Until a tower of chocolate appeared and Minkey ran for the hills.

Friday, 12 December 2014

You Can't Trust A Skinny Chef

I did not have a chance to see or meet the chef, so I hope he/she is not a skinny one. But the service, ambiance and quality of food at The Portly Chef is portly good.

Even though I don't eat squid, this was so well cooked and spiced that I not only tried it, but enjoyed it.

The fish duo seems to be a standard daily dish offering. Today's was a piece of salmon and of haddock, served with some sort of tempura pieces, potatoes, nicely cooked carrot, one green bean and one Brussel sprout. Not a large portion, but quality food for sure.

 The Portly Chef
1211 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Wackiest Smoothie Ever

What I enjoy most about Wacky Thursdays articles is pushing my food experimentation to the wackiest level.

So this morning, I decided to dump all I can get my hands on at home that can make the wackiest, most colourful breakfast smoothie.

There went the mango and prune juice; the pomegranate syrup (for colour and flavour); fresh mango, apple and ginger; honey and bee pollen. I may have added a drop of vanilla (best taste enhancer), but cannot recall now.

Blend away and breakfast is served.


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