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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Noisy Mountain Flatbread

Rocky Mountain Flatbread on Main always looked appetizing, but for one reason or another, the vibe from the place never tempted me to go in.

And now that I went in, I know what it is about the place that never tempted me.

The 'flatbreads' (a.k.a. pizza) are well done - dough & toppings - and cooked fresh in their on-site oven. 

Nothing to complain about there.

But the service and noise level is not something I want to experience again.

The place encourages kids with all its kid-friendly workshop and menu.

So the ratio of screaming <10 years old to adults is 3 to 1 - all crammed on tables less than 1 foot apart.

Add to this only 3 servers playing the role of hosts, table service, bar service and table cleaning means you are stuck listening to screaming kids longer need to.

Take-out maybe. But not sure I will expose my brain to this pressure again (including figuring out the men's washroom given two different gender neutral signs).

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.
4186 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Falling in Love on Main Street

That's with the latest neatest discovery on Main street - Balance Botanicals

I fell in love with the elegance without pretentiousness.

I fell in love with the smartness of putting quality herbs, spices, grains, candies, teas, salts, peppers and whatever else I am forgetting, for sale in bulk under one roof.

I fell in love with the beautiful packaging, jars, bottles that you can buy with or without the ingredients.

I fell in love with the small business owners' dedication to quality, pride in their offering and the handmade wooden counters.

There was a lot to take in so I need to go back and tackle the inventory category by category. Till then, I am enjoying two teas I bought on the first trip.

 Balance Botanicals
4341 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Monday, 11 May 2015

KFC Birthday

This is how birthday celebrations should go.

You know their favourite treat and favourite dessert.

Pick up both, show up with smiles and happy wishes and a lovely lovely evening was had by all.

So what is the birthday guy's favourite treat?

KFC with lots of KFC coleslaw. 

And what's the birthday guy's favourite dessert? Banana Cream pie, made specially by Sweet e's (little did they know how happy they made the birthday guy).

The clean up was not as appetizing, but that's the price of enjoying a KFC birthday party.


Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunday Dinesty Brunch

"Dim Sum?"

"Yes, let's go to Dinesty"

"We've already been to Dynasty, let's go somewhere we have not tried before"

"But we have not tried it"

And that was true, we have tried Dynasty but not Dinesty

Dinesty, whichever way you pronounce it, is a good place.

Proud of their noodles, they show them to the world.

It is not your typical dim sum place or menu, but with the right selection of dishes, we enjoyed a delicious dim sum style brunch.

Given all noodles and dumplings are made in-house on the spot, we focused on those.

Three different dumplings, one noodle dish and one beef wrap was good enough to fill up the tummies and have a good sampling of Dinesty quality. 

In fact, their beef wrap is one of the best I have tasted - the beef not overly spiced, the sauce already inside the wrap as opposed to a side, and they crunch elegantly.

Now I am writing about it and want to go back - why are your locations so far my dear dinesty?

Dinesty Dumpling House
1719 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC



Saturday, 9 May 2015

Lady K Thai Curry

As you recall, May is Lady K month.

And Lady K's mood this month is very far easterner.

She has a knack for grilling some chicken, emptying the vegetables from the fridge, throwing in some coconut milk, some Thai curry sauce and before you can ask what are you cooking, dinner is served.

And what she makes even better is rice - Iranian, Lebanese, Chinese, Jasmin Thai; no matter what rice her tender fingers touch, the rice comes out exceptional.


Friday, 8 May 2015

La House

Apparently, La Casita has been in Vancouver since 1990, albeit under different locations yet ran by the same family.

I have been in Vancouver 2 years after it opened and it is only today that I tried it. Worth the visit.

Very pleasant atmosphere with religious art, historical posters, decent service and a step up in terms of Mexican food quality in the city.

The food is good and tastes freshly made from fresh quality ingredients - I should think of this place more often when I am in the gastown area.


La Casita
101 West Cordova
Vancouver, BC

La Casita on Urbanspoon

Thursday, 7 May 2015

One Wacky Strawberry

This wacky strawberry is not a fruit. It is a cat.

Strawberry lives in a tiny store with his loving mom. He is very selective as to which customers he replies to when you call him by name. Even more selective which ones he allows to play with him.

No one knows his age. He was rescued by the store owner from a left behind situation. Look how big his paws are and how muscular he is.

While Strawberry may be selective as to who gets the privilege of holding him, everyone loves Strawberry.