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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Memories of Montreal

After writing about Montreal Night, memories of all life in Montreal filled up my night. I couldn't sleep with all the pleasurable memories coming back so I decided to share some of those with you.

Here are 4 places where I spent hours on end at for almost a decade in Montreal. 

Closed now, La Tulipe Noire was a fancy cafe restaurant in the then fancy Alcan Building.

Home to excellent desserts and elegant sandwiches, it was always packed with cougars, models, desperate housewives and their entourages.

Why did I spend so many hours there? Let's say it was close by!

Chez La Mere Tucker was located in a beautiful historic building.

Always packed, good value and an endless buffet with roast beef kept bringing me back there anytime I felt the need for a real treat.

Calgary had another one that I frequented but both are closed now.

Today, Basha's are all over Montreal. 20 years ago there was only one.

On the second level of a St. Catherine St. retail stretch, it had the best beef shawarma anywhere and offered a filling, home-like meal for an affordable price for students - it was always packed.

When feeling romantic, nothing could beat a small Italian restaurant that I cannot recall its name. It was underground in a historical building. It had less than 6 tables.

The owner was an Italian chef who barely spoke any of the official languages. He offered a fixed 5 course meal that he cooked himself, served himself and cleaned after us himself - no one else worked there.

A meal will take at least 4 hours there, but with bring your own wine and fresh home cooked food, it was always a night to remember.


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