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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sweet Lebanon

This is like gifts under a Christmas tree or an Easter Eggs Hunt, but sweeter

Everywhere I turn around the house there is something sweet hiding

I pace myself, find something sweet, have a taste, then avoid the rest

Until more appear. All irresistible, home made, store bought, or dropped off by neighbours

These home made Easter cookies with dates, pistachio and walnuts were frozen in time until my arrival; divine

Of course, no escaping the white and creamy, specially freshly-made-by-dad rice pudding perfumed with orange blossom water

If you thought that was enough white and creamy, a melange of Lebanese Ice-cream with Ashta, Pistachio, cream and chocolate appear for an afternoon refreshment

Maacaroon is difficult to describe. It is a spiced dough that is rolled on a certain surface to create this texture. It is then fried and soaked in sugar syrup. As soon as I thought I am making a dent in them, more appeared from the neighbours

Every now and then a healthy option pops up, even though still sweet as honey

But how could the melons compete with this platter sitting right next to my laptop


Saturday, 30 May 2015

Land of Laban

Many of you are patiently waiting for the Eating in Lebanon latest installments, now that I am over my jet lag

Beautiful sunny afternoon of 25 degrees and mountain breeze welcomed me along with a table set up for a feast

Fresh local cucumbers chopped, home made yogurt topped it - Lebanon's name, after all, comes from the Pheonician term Laban referencing white and is now the Arabic word for yogurt

And this goes very well with a platter of stuffed grape vine leaves, mini zucchinis cooked over kastaletah

The table is now set so tune back for the most recent Eating in Lebanon delicious readings


Friday, 29 May 2015

Impressive Air France

Air France launched its Vancouver-Paris service a couple of days ago

And here I am, capitalizing on a special upgrade price to promote its business class food

It is not the first time I cross the ocean upgraded, but Air France has impressed compared to other airlines

The cheeses, the wines and the BC inspired seafood appetizers were trés Parisianne

With four options of main dish, it was difficult to choose

So le plat de jour it was - a chicken breast, nicely cooked with a mushroom cream sauce, rice and wilted spinach

Good, but not as impressive as the dessert platter to knock me off into a 5 hours slumber

Awaken with a chocolate cappuccino - most likely from an envelope but would sure love to get my hands on such an envelope

Add a continental breakfast and I was set to cross over to my third continent of the day

Blogger impressed

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Special One

A special birthday for a special person means a special celebration

Special celebration is not a function of size - a mini picnic in a mini house is a special celebration

The mini theme carried to the mini foods, but enough to sustain the not too mini guests

A wonderful birthday - so glad


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Kelowna Celebrations

The food may have not been as impressive as the rest of the Kelowna eating experiences this week, but the wine was exceptional (thank you wine sponsor) and the company is by far the best of any conference I attend

Thank you MACU for an amazing evening


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Impressive Kelowna

After being blown by the impressive RauDZ, I was impressed again by Tree Brewing Beer Institute

A locally owned brewery where you sure feel welcomed and you leave happy

Not only the beer is exceptional, but the server (or is it the owner) takes his time explaining the beer, gets to know you with the intention of pulling up the flag of your country of origin (too bad they did not have the Lebanese flag, maybe I should pick up one for them on the next trip), and takes your order

I went for the Kolsch, which was light and goes down easy until you are feeling a certain happiness that only comes from good beer

They also have beer inspired bites - the cheese and charcuterie platter is worth every cent you pay for it

Kelowna, you sure are becoming a foodie and drinkie haven

Tree Brewing Beer Institute
1346 Water Street
Kelowna, BC

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Monday, 25 May 2015


It felt that everywhere I turned in Kelowna someone mentioned RauDZ

 While typically hyped up restaurants do not impress in reality, RauDZ is an exception. It is amazing in its ambiance, service, food and value for money

The waiter was so proud, and rightly so, of the freedom he is given to create cocktails from local ingredients

His Twenty Four Carrot is gold standard for sure - maple (local) carrot reduction with ginger, lemon and three liquors

I could have drank all night
 And I could have eaten all night

Everything sourced locally, including the edible flowers

Very few restaurants manage to deliver on four pillars of great eating:  exceptional quality, beautiful presentation, sufficient amounts at a good price. RauDZ delivers on all

This is the Bison Flat Iron. A lucky excellent choice for dinner

And I am glad someone mentioned that the Cesar salad is very good too. It is the best Cesar salad I have had in my life

Water Street 1560
Kelowna, BC

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Scadilicious Entertainitilicious

 At the end of Victoria Drive, where the city meets the water, hides Scandilicious

It may not look fancy, but is sure a unique place filled with entertaining good freshly baked food and the next generation of Vancouver's hipsters

It took me a while to choose my meal

But how could I resist a 'Leaf Ericson' waffle - a freshly made waffle with humus, veggies and melted cheese. And yes, it tastes as good, if not better, than you think

And if you thought this is weirdly unique dish, the place carries many more to choose from

Scandilicious also seems to have a viking fetish- Just check out these baked on site pastries

And then there are the Norwegian meatballs with Lingonberry jam and lurge sauce - whatever it is I want to try it

There is also an ABBA Waffle with apples, bacon bits, brie and avocado

Add to that all the viking accessories around the place and your imagination goes immediately to feasting orgies with beautiful blondes

I would sure love to meet the owner

25 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

How Bad Can It Be?

In fact, it was very bad

Hungry, rushed, a Wendy's in plain site. How bad can it be, I thought so I ordered burger, chicken burger and a poutine. Bad idea - the chicken tasted as plastic as it looked

And the poutine was gooey fries soaking in something white

Thought these fast food chains will be getting better over time. Well one is, but it definitely ain't Wendy's

Friday, 22 May 2015

4 Simple Steps to A Feast

Simple Step 1: Buy one appetizer, make another, add cheese and cucumbers and some sour plumbs. Present with a ray of sunshine

Simple Step 2: Braise lamb with kale slowly for four hours as you rest for the feast

Simple Step 3: Invite a thoughtful guest with exceptional taste in wines

Simple Step 4: Pop over to Sweet e's and ask for what goes well with lamb, you don't even need to think what to buy