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Friday, 1 October 2010

Chicago Trip - Outbound

Another travel day with travel food - yum! 

The day started with meeting-style lunch, sandwiches were not bad, salad's avocado too mushy. The plastic plate and cutlery were the start of a day of food served in plastic.

Afternoon snack was United Airlines Red Carpet Lounge trail mix. You can fill up as much as you want in a plastic cup (no glass plates to be found anywhere). Healthy enough despite the Smarties mixed in. At least I restrained from filling up a cup with white chocolate covered mini pretzels.

Why use bread when you have an airport filled with pretzels. Dinner was a turkey on pretzel. Despite the "Fresh Market on the Go" concept, a significant period of time was needed to unwrap the plastic around the pretzel. Eating it felt like eating dough and turkey mix. Glad to be home!

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