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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Jardin Peppers

Yes, le jardin continues to give even though we are halfway through October.

A small pepper plant survived the not-so-hot summer. It was now time to give up on those peppers growing further or changing colour; and the bounty of the small pepper plant was picked up.

Now let's try them out.

Few basic vegetables to surround the peppers in a simple chicken vegetables stir-fry.

Red pepper, celery, mushrooms, yellow zucchini, shallots and some Chinese greens were washed while sliced chicken breast was marinating with chopped ginger and red wine vinegar.

Three of those tiny jardin peppers were also chopped. I had a taster, and they were hot.

That hotness was all that flavoured the stir fry and one could taste it in every bite. Delicious. I am drying up the rest, along with their seeds for next year's jardin. Thank you le jardin that keeps on giving. 

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