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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I Love You Tatsu

I just love you Tatsu

I think you recall my first date with you (if not, read it here).

But all the charm of a first date can melt away if the second date does not have that same sizzle.

My second date with you was just wonderful and I am looking forward to visiting you again soon my dear Tatsu

There are so many things about you Tatsu that made me fall in love with you; I'm not able to focus on what it was.

It may very well be those beautifully tantalizing drizzles of spicy blackberry over this perfectly made and presented Salmon Tataki Roll. The memories of them on my tongue make me shiver.

Or could it be your beautiful, friendly and efficient maidens that recommended this delicious teriyaki? Packed with meat and covered with fresh and interesting vegetables including my favourite sexy brussel sprouts.

Is it your open generosity with those salmon nigiris that have twice as much salmon as they do rice? And the salmon is always fresh, wild and melts on the tongue. I am going to sneak in one mid-day and just gorge on those. 

And I need a full blog to talk about all that is cool about you.

The cool open air bistro look and feel that never feels crowded and looks like it flew in from Mars.

The cool hip upbeat music that is played at just the right volume - it simply puts a smile on my face and we all know smiling eaters digest their food better.

The cool art hanging all over your walls, specially with all the love themed paintings that keep love in the air.

And the cool air is even cooler with this most interesting limited edition discovery behind the men's room door.

You have not seen the end of me Tatsu, I will be back for more.

 Tatsu Japanese Bistro
1441 Commercial Street
Vancouver, BC
 Tatsu Japanese Bistro on Urbanspoon 

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