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Friday, 19 October 2012

A Fall Day In The City

After a night of rain and storms, the sun came out today; a perfect day to get lost in the big city.

Errands ran, credit unioning done, and by now hunger was striking.

Beating the lunch crowd, we slipped into Italian Kitchen. Beating the lunch crowd also meant getting a window seat and enjoying their pasta platter, family style, serving, from left to right:

penne pomodoro, spaghetti & wagyu meatballs truffle cream, linguine gamberi and lumaconi stuffed with squash and ricotta.

A stroll down to the Vancouver Art Gallery landed us in the middle of a big group of people in pink shirts.

Amongst the crowd, these twin oldies were having so much fun telling the world, in song and dance, how the 90's are the new 40's.

All this fun, it turns out, was the launch of Dream On Seniors Wish Foundation.

So what does this have to do with a food blog you ask? Look at this picture - blue cotton candy (i.e. food) handed out at the event.

Looking for quietness after all this action, Wedgewood Hotel and its Bacchus Lounge looked ideal for an afternoon break from the noise of the 89ers outside.

A perfect table infront of the fireplace, a nice cup of chamomile, warm brioche bread pudding with banana and chocolate and a lounging chair was just a perfection of an afternoon.

Whether it was the fire, the pasta followed by bread pudding or simply the end of the week, the lounging chair turned very quickly into a napping haven for a pleasant 20-minute nap.

To end a perfect day in the city, a movie was in order.

Tim Burton's Frankenweenie in 3D was the perfect choice, even though the movie should have ended at the scene below in my opinion.

But nothing makes a fall day in the city more of a perfection than the company that was kept and coming home to a smiling (or is it hungry) cats missing his human.

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