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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Wacky Import

Now that my luggage from the Lebanon trip is all emptied, I was able to sit back and assess what was my wackiest import.

Here it is - a bottle of vinegar.

"Why would you carry vinegar all the way from Lebanon?" you ask.

Well, here are five reasons:

First, it is a special grapes vinegar that is made by the owners of the store I bought it from.

Second, it has a unique taste and smell that opens the appetite and you can use on salads on its own.

Third, if you think reason number too is too sharp for your taste, combining it with peppers and olive oil makes for the best and healthiest dressing one can have.

Fourth, this will motivate me to pick up apple vinegar (which is different than apple cider) on the next trip.

Fifth, it gives me something to write about!

Now you see why I will carry vinegar all the way from Lebanon (wish I can carry olive oil, but those airport security types....).


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