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Friday, 27 February 2015

Grand Dim Sum

Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant in Burnaby is, in one word, grand.

10 other words that describe it.

1. Elegant
2. Good service
3. Authentic 
4. Inventive foods
5. Freshly cooked food
6. Non-rushed
7. Comfortable
8. Good baking
9. Well priced
10. Fun experience

(but be prepared to see a picture of the owner with PM Stephen Harper in the entrance)

The traditional baked pork pastry could easily be mistaken for something white and creamy oozing out of it. The fine dough is covered with sugar, but stuffed with pork. Excellent.

The steamed rice roll had 3 types of mushrooms in it. You can taste different mushroom textures as you eat it. Exceptional.

The steamed pumpkin and seafood dumpling looks pumpkiny but does not taste too pumpkiny. Loved the colour.

The deep fried taro dumpling was a step up from any other place I tried those. Typically I find them overly fried and a bit scratchy. These were just perfect and the stuffing delicious. Good job.

Sticky rice was probably very authentic, but had all sorts of weird meats that I was biting into. Not my cup of tea.

And then there was dessert. Excellent pastry on both. Egg tarts are addictive.

Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant
4331 Dominion Street
Burnaby, BC

Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant 金殿皇朝海鮮料理 on Urbanspoon 

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