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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Buffalo Meat Again

Once again, somerville kitchen served buffalo meat (see October 3 entry - Buffalo Stew). A buffalo roast made its way to somerville kitchen from someone who knows someone who hunts and gave her fresh buffalo meat. It was marinated and all I had to do was roast it.

Roast was served with a medley of steamed vegetables and mashed turnips and carrots.

One of the public somerville kitchen followers, Mr. Orange, joined the dinner party contributing a potato baby that turned very quickly into mashed potato to go with the meal.

 Mr. Orange was also a guest photographer of the platter and provided a kitchen tip.

Kitchen Tip
An easy way to warm up plates is to stack them up in hot water for a bit before serving the food in them (dry before serving). Easier and more energy efficient than using ovens or other means as plate warmers.

Thank you Mr. Orange.

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