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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

More Muffinmania at somerville kitchen

This is one of the most interesting cookbooks I own. It has about 30 muffins recipes that you may not find anywhere else. I highly recommend it for any muffins lovers - if you want to buy it, click on the picture to the left, you'd help me generate money to feed my cat.

Tonight's muffins were Carrot Muffins (page 39) - a simple recipe with flour and baking powder; carrots and pecans; butter and icing sugar (giving them a very light and cake texture).

Quoting a muffin expert tasting them: "these muffins were really good and quite interesting. They tasted like scones but felt like cake - a sweet bread sweetness; a most delicious and unique semi savoury muffins."

More on muffins and my muffins helper at Muffinmania at somerville kitchen.

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