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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Heat Wave Resistance Cooking

Our temperatures may not qualify as heat waves for most of the world. 

But at somerville kitchen, sunny days with over 20 degrees make the cat hide in the shade.

When the sun is shining, the house temperature hits 4.463 degrees above outside temperature. Turning the stove on takes it up another 1.325 degrees with every half an hour of cooking. Baking generates an incremental 2.012 degrees (figures are based on a two-year temperature tracking study; data available upon request).

To tackle this, somerville kitchen moves to the jardin on those hot days. A small stove top gets set up. If baking is required, the toaster oven will join it. With running water everywhere, now I have a full functioning kitchen all outdoors.

You may be asking why should i worry about washing vegetables outside - would running water heat up the house if done inside?

No, it is more a matter of a wacky cooking experience - all outdoors.

So vegetables get washed with the watering hose (and it gets used to fill up the pot to boil water in).

The picnic table turns into a counter top. Chop chop hear the neighbours and I am all set to start making my pasta dinner with vegetable sauce 100% outdoors.

And there you have it - when the heat hits, run for the closest jardin. Eat like a king (or queen) and keep the house, on average, 6.492 degrees lower than by cooking indoors.


Joseph said...

Just be careful with using water from the water hose. Some water hoses have inside lining with lead.

somerville kitchen said...

Thanks for the note Joseph, good call.