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Monday, 24 January 2011

West End Soiree

A very pleasant west end soiree with good food, wonderful guests, pleasant hostess, down to earth fun chatter, and the cute cat Nelson checking on us throughout the evening.

The meal was simple and full of flavours. Chicken and figs cooked with cardamon, cinnamon and other spices producing the most sophisticated sauce flavour. The chicken was served with boiled potatoes in a dill butter drizzle.

One of my hostess's specialties are her baked vegetables. These were fennel, beats and carrots, sprinkled with olive oil, baked then broiled quickly before serving. A great accompaniment to the meal.

And the hostess is one of the best bakeresses I know and tonight's dessert was a delicious upside down pear cake.

Thank you MaM!

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