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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Reef on Main

When a friend suggested we meet at the "Caribbean" restaurant on Main Street, I had no idea what she is talking about.

And then I realized it is The Reef - I have passed it so many times, never been there, so it's definitely time to try it.

A spread of tapas included:

Mission Tacos

Two crisp corn tacos with jerk chicken and all the toppings. Tasty and filling.

Jerked Wings

Baked (not fried as per the menu) wings. These were big wings and packed with meat. Very nice coating.



My favourite item - a warm chickpeas salad with West Indian flat bread (the bread was not very good though), fresh greens and Dahi (thickened yogurt). The spices on the chickpeas were excellent.


Jamaican Patty

Each culture has its own version of dough and meat so we could not resist trying the Caribbean version. Home made beef patty served with chutney. Yummy.

The Reef
4172 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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