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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Six Months' Anniversary Contest

It is six months to the day with somerville kitchen growing in content, readership and following.  Page views have been increasing, on average, 33% every month. As of next week, guest correspondents are starting to appear on the blog. So thank you all for your support and following. A contest with somerville kitchen home made Lebanese dinner as prize is in order. Read on...

The Contest
I am looking for somerville kitchen business cards' designs submitted by you, the readers. The purpose of this card is to pass on to others face to face to help them remember the blog's address and visit it more often. It will have on it, at minimum, the blog's name, url and the Facebook profile name (somerville kitchen). The card will not have any personal information. It should be catchy, creative, striking, and aligned with the overall look and feel of the blog itself. It could be one sided or two, depending on your recommended design.

The Prize
The three short-listed designers will be invited, with a guest each, to a Lebanese dinner party at somerville kitchen. In line with the six months anniversary theme, the dinner will feature six Lebanese appetizers, a Lebanese stew with six vegetables, and a dessert spread of six Lebanese sweets. 

Deadline is end of February. The presentation of the design does not have to be graphic designer quality or printer ready, as long as the concept is clear and the creative elements (font, colours, layout, etc.) are all identified. 

Please let me know if you are participating. If you are out of town and you are a winner, feel free to fly over or send some locals you know on your behalf. Please email all entries to Good luck!

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