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Monday, 25 July 2011

Jardin & Chow

First, I go out to le jardin and see what is ready to eat.

Today's bounty included snow peas (yes, they keep on giving) and few gai lan florets.

Brought in, washed and now what to do with them.

With gai lan on the ingredient list, a Chinese cook book was required. 

And what better than one of my favourite cook books - Janice Wong's signed copy of Chow (more @

Two easy recipes were identified: (1) Snow peas, pickled radish + Barbequed Pork (page 77) and (2) a version for cooking green beans (page 106) that I used for the gai lan.

Jardin ingredients were not enough for the chosen production. A quick walk and a bit of creativity solved all outstanding issues.

Rather than pickled radish, I used my own pickled turnips (see Lefett). And a quick walk to Fraser street brought back the best fresh barbequed pork.

Few minutes later, a delicious Jardin & Chow meal was enjoyed.

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