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Monday, 29 August 2011

Almost a Wedding Night

somerville kitchen was honoured tonight to welcome a bride and groom to be, along with the vivacious wonderful bride's mother for an evening of food, wine, warm conversations and dance.

The mezza was spread with humus (decorated with jardin chives flower), Lebanese mixed nuts, home made pickled cucumber and jardin pickled thyme. Manakeesh were also served with jardin cucumbers.

Inspired by a combination of mom's, Croatian and Janice Wong's dinner on Saturday, a cabbage salad with vinegar and oil dressing; decorated with sweet pepper rounds filled with jardin mint and jardin celery leaves refreshed the palettes.

Bamieh bi zeit (okra cooked with onions, garlic, tomatoes and olive oil) was served in a jumbo jardin Lebanese zucchini-turned-serving platter.

Careful the guests are not too full for the main course, a round of calorie-burning dancing and Dabkeh (Lebanese dance) lessons took place.

The tired dancers gulped glasses of another Janice Wong's inspired invention - water flavoured with jardin offerings of mint, lemon balm, lemon and cucumber slices, lavendar and raspberries.

Based on the bride's special request, Kebbeh showed up for all to indulge, laugh, talk and dance some more. A very pleasant evening indeed.

1 comment:

Bride to be said...

Thanks Majid! We had a wonderful time - great company and delicious food. Good YouTube find of the song at the end of the evening :)