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Friday, 16 September 2011

The Arrival of Jardin Tomatoes

For almost a week now, jardin tomatoes have been ripening. Some look beautiful that I cannot believe they are from le jardin. Some look so ugly that they could be from farmers' markets.

Given the change of weather, tomatoes are being picked as soon as they show signs of redness and have been ripening on the kitchen counters beautifully.

And the week at somerville kitchen was like having a tomato festival; every day tomatoes were incorporated into the meal. Here is a tomato added to a fresh cabbage salad (the combination of cabbage and tomatoes is even more delicious fresh than cooked as cabbage rolls - try it).

Then they were served as part of Labneh and tomatoes on baguette appetizers (soft unripened cheese - read more on Labneh). 

And tonight they were the stars of an appetizer platter, right next to Labneh balls, artichoke hearts, boiled orange beets, and pickled thyme

Despite the weather, they are still giving, so come back daily to see where those jardin tomatoes are popping up at somerville kitchen.


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