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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

somerville kitchen Summer Big Salads

As we say goodbye to summer, I wanted to share two Big Salads enjoyed on the picnic table this summer and inspired by the sweetest vegetable, beets.

Big Salad One with Red Beets

For this salad, both the beets and the beet leaves were used.

Simple ingredients comprising of:

3 fresh ingredients - tomato, cucumber and beet leaves;

3 boiled ingredients - beets, eggs and potatoes.

Now the most fun about big salads is the presentation. In this case, the beet leaves went down first, then the fresh vegetables followed by potatoes. Beets and eggs designed the top.

Simple dressing of red wine vinegar, olive oil and pepper.

Now that you presented it, go ahead and mix it. Enjoy.

Big Salad Two with Orange Beets

This one was based on a different formula.

On the fresh side there was butter lettuce and piperade peppers;

On the cooked side were the boiled potatoes and orange beets;

And to mix things up, some jarred artichoke hearts.
This salad was presented in clusters of ingredients over a bed of lettuce as opposed to layers. Makes it look more colourful.

For dressing, I used olive oil and balsamic vinegar this time.

And to create a non-vegetarian version, grilled chicken was added to the mix. Delicious!


~T.E.~ said...

you just like saying piperade, don't you? LOL

somerville kitchen said...

try saying it 10 times in a row... too bad they look and taste much better than their name sounds.