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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Thursday Night Roast

There are no rules that roast is a Sunday night meal only. Why not have friends over on a Thursday and make a nice roast? And a nice roast it was.

Many were hungry early, so a platter of cold cuts was roaming. It included a selection of Hungarian Salami, Krakowska Ham and Kolbassa, with some jardin cherry tomatoes and La Vache Qui Rit cheese.

The roast itself followed my successful experiment three months ago (see Perfecting Roast Beef) and, once again, this was a fail-proof recipe.


For dessert, I made my aunt's specialty pineapple cake (email for recipe). While I did not think it was as good as my aunt's, it was almost all devoured in one sitting.

And was left with a messy house, memories of a very pleasant evening, and half a tub of a non-gourmet, artificial Cool Whip tub.

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