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Monday, 7 November 2011

Hot Chocolate Break

Six months ago I featured Mink Chocolates, a little hidden downtown secret (see Wonderful Chocolates).

Today, work ended early and I had some time before heading to a class downtown. Pouring rain, wet everywhere, I craved somewhere cozy and warm. 

And there was Mink staring at me. So I picked up a Georgia Straight and went in for a leisurely afternoon hot chocolate break.

They sure know how to make hot chocolate - nothing powder about it. And as if it is not rich enough, they give you a square of chocolate to melt in it.

And since I was indulging, I ordered their pavlova that was so white, sweet, right crunchiness. 

They covered it with fresh seasonal fruit, which today were apples and bananas, fresh whipped cream and chocolate drizzle (which you can choose in dark or milk chocolate).

One of the things I learned about Mink today was their heavy involvement with not-for-profits. 

Hidden discretely (which is how charity should always be) behind a door that leads to the bathroom area were dozens of thank you plaques from a wide variety of not for profits that Mink helps (more on this at Mink Cares).

So next time you are downtown and looking for a place to hang out, skip the big corporate coffee houses and head over to Mink - fresh quality offering, great ambiance and your money can go, in part, to help those that need it.


863 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC

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