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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tête-à-Tête Wedding

You miss attending the wedding of a very special person in your life, so what one does?

One throws a special one-on-one mid-week evening wedding celebration. 

Elegance, food, champagne, wedding cake; all was on at somerville kitchen tonight.

Bride's favourite flower, a (dried) jardin hydrangea, surrounded an elegant mezza: humus, tabouleh, moudardara kebbeh, and fatayer.

But nothing beat the funky elegance of the groom's attire.

Upon special request, dinner was shish taouk grilled right there on the spot with home made baba ghanouj.

But no wedding is complete without a fancy white, chocolate and raspberry cream Anita Wedding Cake.

Served with the appetizing original wedding champagne - Elephant Island Orchard Winery Pink Elephant 2009 - all had a fantastic evening, second helpings of cake and licked their plates clean.

Congratulations bride & groom!

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