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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Accounting Hell's Kitchen - Red Team

Continuation of the Accounting Hell's Kitchen - Blue Team.

The 60-minute timer kicked off for the Red Team (with only one dressed in red) along with their chicken, butternut and risotto (again).

They were running around like a disorganized factory, but yet, they not only finished a marvelous meal, but also cleaned up within their time limit.

An elegant Butternut Squash Soup was presented to the judge. Smooth texture, sophisticated taste with not much salt or herbs.

A wonderful aftertaste of what I thought was orange juice only to realize it was the squash and apples coming together. Well done team.

The main dish was Orange Organic Chicken.

In anticipation I waited for the chicken, wondering what they were up to. Chicken was cut, battered, fried, baked, sauces going on.

I still don't know what secret ingredients they used. But orange and mushrooms were involved to produce a subtle, delicious taste and sauce for their chicken.

The chicken was served with Risotto and Veggies.

The risotto was so white, you'd think you were going to taste steamed rice. But it was rich with yet another subtle wine flavour.

The judge was presented the plate to admire, taste and finalize the score.

And the score was ....(before scrolling down, see Blue Team's score at Blue Team)


The judge announced the results and the winning team received an empressingly hand-made trophy, leaving a judge with a 50% popularity rating in the room.

But hold on, the show is not over; a dessert competition was to wrap up the night.

Half a dozen people participated in the dessert competition, bringing in a dessert. And no one more appropriate than the brains behind Anita Cakes was the judge.

The desserts were laid out in individual plates and the judge was blindfolded so she can judge based on taste and taste only. 

There were home made Tiramisu, a store-bought cookie, carrot-cake muffins, fruit-nut crumble and a chocolate crunch. And, hidden in the mix, a not-so-delicious, tease-the-judge, on-the-spot production of bread with hoisin sauce, dill salad dressing, peanut butter and jam. 

Well, I won't go into the details of the fun we had during the judging. But the dessert winner had yet another empressingly home-made trophy.

Thank you Accounting Hell's Kitchen Teams for all the fun!

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