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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Festive Brunch at Trafalgars Bistro

A dear friend and I wanted to have a special Christmas brunch. So when I called Trafalgars Bistro to make reservations, the woman on the phone said no need, they are usually quiet till noon on Saturdays. 

Little did we know that at 10:30 am we'd have the charming place all to ourselves.

Our amazing waitress got our good mood going with complimentary biscuits (or are they scones?).

They had raisins and some fruit peel, but were not excessively heavy nor excessively sweet - a perfect starting touch.

I had the Smoked Salmon Challah  - poached eggs with hollandaise sauce served over house smoked lois lake salmon on a freshly baked Challah and a side of a really nice arugula salad.

A side dish caught my eye on the menu - baked beans - so I ordered it. 

It seems to be a new addition to the menu. It was perfectly spiced and went really well with the eggs. The beans could have been a bit more cooked, but otherwise a perfection of baked beans.

Now you'd think this will be enough. But it is Christmas, a perfect ambiance and our cheerful waitress tempted us with their dessert menu, and we succumbed.

I had the Mango Coconut Roulade (to the left) and my friend had her all-time favourite dessert, the Lemon Dacquoise (to the right). Decadence at its best. The frosting on mine was simply delicious - it was very hard to restrain from eating it all.

I should remember this place more often for lunch, brunch or dinner.

Trafalgars Bistro
2603 W. 16th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
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