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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Shanghai Style Brunch

In a small strip mall somewhere in Richmond (see address at end of post) is a great discovery - Chen's Shanghai Restaurant.

If not for a pick-up service (for which I am so grateful) and a generous host (for whom I am so thankful), I would have never discovered this place. And the unique foods of Shanghai started pouring...

Balyulan Steamed Pork Buns - Dim sum style pork buns but the pork is floating in a soup, inside the bun. Be careful when you bite into them, hot soup will pour in your mouth. I have tried them once before in San Francisco but never saw them here, until Chen's. Highly recommended.

Szechuan Style Beef - Those were hearty fatty chunks of beef over cooked cabbage. Great flavour, but melted in the background compared to the rest of the dishes.

Green Beans with Chili - You can never go wrong with hot green beans but those were above-average in their taste, spiciness and perfect crunchiness. 

Dan Dan Noodles - Definitely my favourite selection. It comes as a big bowl of soup with noodles and lots of sprinkled peanuts on top. But when you mix it, it turns into those delicious noodles wrapped with a nice, almost thick, peanut sauce. I could easily dine on those and those alone.

Pan Fried Chive Dumpling - Different than what I have tried before where the chives were in the dough. Those ones were actually stuffed with a chives mixture. Tasty, but the dough was a bit oily.

Spicy Eggplants - By far the best spicy eggplants I have had in the city. Be careful, they can become addictive.

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen
8095 Park Road
Richmond, BC

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen 白玉蘭餐館 on Urbanspoon

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