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Monday, 25 August 2014


"Fistok" is the Lebanese word for pistachio.

But are those shelled pistachio, you ask?

No, those are green fresh pistachios.

What you see in the picture are pistachios with a layer of green skin that, I think, eventually turns into the shell that the pistachio is in (or I think that is what it is - I never passed biology).

In Lebanon, those would be bigger, redder, and fresher.

They will also be much cheaper.

I indulged despite the price and the lack of freshness, simply to show them off.

Below are two pictures - one of the pistachio with the skin and one without the skin, ready to eat.

They taste nicer than the dried pistachio, less crumbly with a completely different texture. And they are addictive - this is the first time I see them in Vancouver.

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