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Sunday, 29 January 2012

South American Cooking, Again

My South American dinner last night was so good (read Best of South American Cooking) that I had to continue my experimentation with that continent's cuisine. After covering Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru, tonight's landing was at Ecuador with Pierna De Carnero Con Habas.

This is a lamb shank dish where the lamb is rubbed with mustard and vegetable oil and braised at low heat for a couple of hours. Green beans cooked with onions are added to it the last 20 minutes.

And how appropriate, I received another gift from Colombia - Colombian mustard - which came in very handy for this recipe.

Some leftovers  Potaje De Garbanzo Con Acelga from last night's menu carried over to tonight; sprinkled with vegetable roots' sticks.

This soup is definitely amazing; even better the next day.

For dessert, no leftover cake was to be found (in fact, last night's full cake was consumed by 3 people in less than 24 hours). However, a bit of my frosting creation was still around. So I made banana chocolate chips muffins and covered them with the frosting, carrying over last night's dessert theme.

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