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Sunday, 19 February 2012


Marfaa is the Arabic word for the last Sunday before lent. In Lebanon, families will get together and feast; gearing up for lent. The tradition was continued at somerville kitchen this weekend.

The feast began with those little cheese "fatayer" that a special person makes for me - dough stuffed with cheeses and herbs. Alongside of it was a platter of Tabouleh which feeders commented how specially delicious it was tonight. This was traced to a real fancy Palestinian olive oil from the same fields where Jesus roamed in his days (you can find it at Ten Thousand Villages stores).

A Lebanese feast is not complete without Kebbeh. Today's was a special one - Kebbeh Labnieh (Kebbeh in yogurt). However, to make this dish, one needs what I once referred to here as Football Kebbeh - which I am not capable of making (yet). But lucky enough, my special person who made the cheese "fatayer" also made me the Kebbeh. All I had to prepare was the yogurt base (which, if you'd like, I can share the recipe for).

Typical of Marfaa is Mehshi Warak - stuffed grapevine leaves. Served with the chicken that was used as a base and added significant flavour (and calories) to tonight's Mehshi. 

And since I will be giving up everything white and/or creamy for lent, the Marfaa dessert had to be that. Ricotta cheese "Atayef" and my first attempt making mom's Lebanese-style rice pudding (the recipe for which will be on the blog later on this week). 


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