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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Fish & Art in North Van

The first thing I do when I visit North Vancouver is checking out Viewfinder - the beautiful public art work of 7 North Vancouver youth and their talented mentor.

 Click and read more about it at Viewfinder7 Blog

The beauty of this work was only matched by the beauty of lunch at Fishworks Restaurant. A grande discovery of a restaurant that achieved star ratings on all aspects of dining.

Munching on a deliciously simple prawn salad, we enjoyed a quiet table in the sun.

Our server was one of the best I have encountered to-date - pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient.

The Fishworks Bouillabaisse packed with fruits de mer and julienne vegetables cooked in a tomato saffron broth smelled divine.

The seafood tasted fresh, the broth delicious and the plate was almost licked.

Our server was also a great marketer as he promoted the Fishworks Paella they serve for dinner which, after my lunch experience, I can bet anything it will be worth the trip back.

And those delicious chocolate fish to wrap up the meal!

Fishworks Restaurant
91 Londsdale Avenue
North Vancouver, BC

Fishworks on Urbanspoon

Fish everywhere in North Vancouver - don't forget to check out Viewfinders work at Londsdale Quay (more @ viewfinders7 blog).


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