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Monday, 30 April 2012

The Art of Kaiss

For a week now, my readers would have seen at least five mentions of "Kaiss".

The word "Kaiss" means drinking glass. It also references having a drink with appetizers before dinner.

So time to share the art of laying out a "Kaiss".

First, put out some nuts and vegetables. Tonight's "Kaiss" included mixed nuts, dried okras, potato chips and carrots.

Then you add some more munchies, but still cold stuff - white cheeses, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives (bread can be added to the table at this point).

Now time for more substantial foods. Given this was a lazy day, those included some leftovers from the Yeller's Sendoff brunch


An important part of having a "Kaiss" is to raise a cheer and click glasses at least a dozen times during the evening.

And finally, some hot munchies show up. However, no respectable "Kaiss" will include what I added to mine tonight...(look closely, you'd figure it out, but don't follow my example with your "Kaiss").


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