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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Back in Kerrisdale - Continuation of the Tour

Yesterday you read about the Beginning of The Tour. Here's the rest.

A trip to Kerrisdale is never complete without a stop at sweet e's (2032 West 41st Avenue).

I was first exposed to sweet e's in January 2011 (read about it at More Sweets). Since then, I have grown very fond of the bakery, its goodies and the lovely baker - manager sisters that run the place.

What to choose from? Truffle-pops (picture at end of article)? Mini cupcakes? Or those delicious cakes below? Now which one should I take home - the Flourless Chocolate Silk Cake, The one with the Butterscotch Pecan or the Lemon Meringue cake? Help me sweet e's.

Sweet E's Pastries and Sweets on Urbanspoon

In yesterday's article, the closing deal for a Kerrisdale visit was London Drugs (2091 West 41nd Avenue). And there it was nestled in a beautiful courtyard off 41st avenue.

In addition to my weekly London Drugs shopping list, I needed to get some prints.

London Drugs Photolab is simply amazing. You sit on a comfortable chair in a quiet part of the store, you insert your disk or stick with your pictures, you choose what you want to print, on what, how many and when to pick them up, you press continue, get a receipt and come back to pick the prints after roaming Kerrisdale (or any other London Drugs neighbourhood).

I highly recommend subscribing to London Drugs' electronic photolab newsletter (click here to join); photography hints and prints specials are all yours in this newsletter - I read and learn from it continuously.

And finally, a bookstore discovery - Hager Books (2176 West 41st Avenue).

A charming little bookstore that has been around since 1974. You may not find everything you are looking for, but there are a lot of surprises waiting for you - travel, cooking, cycling, art and lots of fiction.

And there, waiting for me, the latest of No. 1 Ladies Detective novels - The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection.

Now I have my favourite reading and my Raspberry Pecan muffin, I can go home, make a cup of Rooibos tea like Mma Ramotswe and enjoy my Kerrisdale discoveries.


~T.E.~ said...

WOW-zers!!! 19.00 for a 4 inch cake? YIKES!!

somerville kitchen said...

It is so high and dense, that it will feed 8 - 10 easily, so if you do the math this way, not bad...

~T.E.~ said...

M, how the heck can you feed 10 people on a 4 inch diameter cake even if it's high?????

somerville kitchen said...

It's so dense, it cuts in think long thick slices. I've tried it twice already at parties, works. The magic of stats...