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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My Purrday Again - By Guest Correspondent Cats

On my last young Purrday, my human threw big purrty for me (read it at Happy Purrday).

This year, cats wants day for cats. Cats loves sunny day and cats sleeps in sun all day.  

Growling at human feet when human wants me in house - no way, my purrday today and my do what my want. Make me cakes human.

Human understands cats meow. Human makes cakes.

I still in sun, one sun outside, one sun inside, one happy cats me am.

Cake is ready, white, butter, milk, me lick and lick. wish it was white cream ice.

me plays with my facebook friends. Yes, me on facebook me name somerville cats.  This was one card on facebook from my 1175 cats friends. 

This is another card. Me had 41 cats purrday wishes on facebooks. 
Now hungry, but no Fancy Feast for me on purrday - me treat with fancy ham, on high table, yaam.

Now me had fun purrday, me roll and be cute.

Me love my human for my happy quietty sunny purrday.


Thank you Guest Correspondent Cats.

Happy Birthday Herr (a.k.a. Cats, Cat Satoul, Crazies, Somerville Cats on Facebook)

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