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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Story of This and That

This meal, which my favourite aunt refers to as "this and that", is simply deep fried vegetables - no batter, no spices; just delicious deep fried vegetables.

The history of this dish is vague. But the story goes that people from Lebanese mountain villages would pick what they have in their land, fry and eat them. It progressed into a dish that urbanites will eat on Fridays or as a side dish at dinner parties.

The typical vegetables that get fried are zucchinis, eggplants and cauliflower. They are sliced thin, sprinkled with salt and are ready for the frier.

They don't need to turn very brownish; keep them to the light side - tastier and better for you as wise mother says.

French fries go very well with those vegetables (it is another vegetable after all to add to the this and that that get fried). Mom's fries are the old fashioned Lebanese way where they are cut thick and large to keep their substance.

A salad will also be part of such a meal. Today's choice of salad is tabouleh

And this is the story of this and that (by the way, those fried vegetables are as tasty cold the next day as they are out of the frier). Enjoy.

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