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Friday, 29 June 2012

Back to Transylvania for More

Legend has it that once you've experienced a vampire, you're hooked. Fact is once you've experienced Transylvania Flavour Restaurant, you're completely hooked.

This all started 1.5 years ago with Knights & Maidens in Medieval Transylvania. And I have been dreaming of going back since.

Wondering if vampires will come out from behind curtains, I'm distracted by the genuine welcome of the family that owns the place, cooks and serves. This family's care is reflected in exceptional attention to detail in both the food and the service.

Everything on the menu is appealing and very quickly you'd be lost as to what to order. Solution: Knight's Platter for Two.

One of the best schnitzels in the city topped with Mititie (Hungarian sausages).

Served with a dish of excellent mustard, a very fine Caesar salad and addictive paprika dusted cut fries.

Also yam and Fruilano cheese perogies, cabbage rolls, polenta croquettes (my favourite) and very elegantly made meatballs.

All artistically drizzled with roasted red pepper sauce and sour cream.

Yes, the full platter was devoured, including the mustard dish. You see what I mean getting hooked on Transylvania Flavours Restaurant?

But wait, there is still room for dessert. I had this dessert here before and back for more - the deliciously made-by-the-owner's mom creme schnitt. I lucked out with the last piece of the night. I think I'd order a full one for my birthday.

Transylvania Flavour Restaurant
2120 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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