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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Eating on the Job

It has been a long time since I talked about eating on the road. And rightly so given my new job these days where I'm more likely to eat at home than on the road. But today reminded me of the old days...

First my favourite breakfast at my cubicle - odwalla mango juice and the hub's whole grain trail mix bar.

All for $4.75, which is what I typically pay for the juice alone at Starbucks.

Two hours later, a celebration for one of the team members included Meinhardt's delicious cup-cakes.

Dark chocolate butter cream for the boys and pink cream cheese for the girls.

Wait, that was not all.There was a box of delicious Meinhardt macarons. 

I've not tried them before, but a European among the crowd supported that those are as good as the ones you find in Paris.

Lunch was eaten in the (parked) car over a conference call (and not while driving).

A delicious hub's chicken feta cranberry salad and freshly made potato chips.

The end of day meeting had this waiting for us.

Peanut butter cookies were home-made. Almond and coconut cookies from Saman bakery. Really good, particularly the coconut ones that look like...

Home at last, welcomed by cat's special chicken stir fry.

Special because it had pepper flowers - stems of a pepper plant with small tiny peppers and their flowers. Great idea cats.

Good to be home.

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