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Monday, 25 June 2012

Jardin Sunday Dinner

In yesterday's Jardin Sunday, I featured five jardin crops and offered a cookbook for anyone guessing how they were used in Sunday dinner.

Lazy readers; none of you even tried. You could have been the owner of a brand new cookbook by now.

Well, here is how each of the five crops were used.

First, the parsley. 

A piece of veal was cut into slices, pounded to a fraction of an inch thickness and made its way into becoming a Wiener Schnitzel.

Most likely the messiest production, highest in cholesterol but the tastiest.

Where does the parsley fit in you ask? A garnish on a hot dish as was one of the options considered in yesterday's article. 

The dill? A yogurt dill dip of course that went very nicely with the fried potatoes.

Which is the lead in for that tiny jardin potato. It sure was fried and you can see it as the tiniest slices in the platter to the left.

The Gai-lan

They were turned into a mini appetizer - a touch of butter, a squeeze of lemon, a bit of water in a pan. 

So fresh, they cooked in less than a minute.

As for the strawberries, they kept on multiplying and eaten fresh on a nice after-dinner walk.

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