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Friday, 22 June 2012

Thai Feasting For Lunch

Almost two hours of heavy brain work ending at 12:30 necessitated replenishing brain cells.

In Yaletown and bored of all the regular places; Urban Thai Bistro stood out as the most appealing option.

Too hungry to settle for lunch specials, combined with a very interesting full menu, landed us on a decision to eat family style.

Three people = three dishes + rice + two appetizers. Let the Thai feasting begin.

Peeg Gai Yaad Sal is an appetizer to order. Boneless chicken wings stuffed with noodles and Thai herbs mix that feels like a quiche. 

They come in 2, feed 4; but that didn't stop us enjoying lots of egg rolls.

Nok Gra Jok Thet is exotica at its best - ostrich meat in green curry sauce with eggplants, peas, lychees and coconut.

The taste was as exotic and interesting as the dish description itself.

Not as exotic, but definitely a nice choice is the Pra Lunm Long Shong Goong

Those are prawns with peanut sauce over spinach. The peanut sauce was not overwhelming, the spinach perfectly done. Good choice.

The plate I personally chose to throw in the mix - Gai Pad Bai Grapeau - was less interesting. 

A boneless chicken fry with peppers, green beans, basil and Thai chilli peppers.

Urban Thai Bistro
1119 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC

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