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Monday, 30 July 2012

Amira Helweh

On a flying carpet from the far far east lands a beautiful princess bearing gifts and beauty to somerville kitchen.

Jardin made space for the flying carpet to drop its goodies.

What are those you ask? 

Dried orange blossom petals that can be dehydrated and soaked to yield one of the most potent orange blossom water in the developed world. 

If you cannot read the Persian on the package, see the English translation above.

Worth their weight in gold, and probably cost more than gold these days - authentic saffron from its original land.

The jardin had its share of goodies from abroad (or are those for the cats?).

Beautiful metal crafted love birds looking for their special jardin corner to build a home and spread love and peace in the world.

The food started pouring off the flying carpet with this most uniquely flavoured crackling egg yolk cookie.

It is flavoured with saffron and cardamom and sprinkled with sugar and almond, an oriental treat at its best.

There were savoury treats too - addictive zaatar bread sticks.

But nothing beats oriental sweets, specially a large box of Persian naughat that is waiting for a special occasion to be invaded.

And the special treat is an out-of-this-world hand-crafted and painted plate - you look into it and get transported to the streets of Iran bustling with talented artists delicately creating such beauty.

Thank you ya Amira Helweh.

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