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Friday, 28 September 2012

Eating in a Classroom

I am sure everyone in Vancouver passed by a nondescript building on Cambie and Pender with a big VCC (Vancouver Community College) sign at some point or another.

But I'm not sure if everyone knows about the great lunches and food shopping one can do there by simply tasting the Culinary Arts students' cooking.

Yes, among lockers and hallways, students are roaming around with their chef's outfits cooking, packing, serving. There is a sit down restaurant, a store and a cafeteria (or at least that is what I discovered today).

The cafeteria is where we landed. And just like any school cafeteria you pick up your tray and you line up for your food.

There is a sandwich and burgers station, but the real experience is trying whatever the student's whipped up today.

There are endless options - salmon, steak, chicken in fancy sauces; meat pies and stews; and many sides to choose from.

But when I heard that one of the specials was Goulash with spätzel, I just could not look at anything else.

A big bowl of Goulash, nicely sprinkled with parsley and a students' debate whether the spätzel should go on the side or in it (it ended on the side).

In addition (and all for less than $10), you have a choice of 3 out of 6 sides.

The potatoes (two options) looked amazing. But having enough carbs on the plate, I opted for:

- nicely steamed brussel sprouts
- baked squash
- breaded eggplants

VCC Cafeteria
250 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC

VCC Cafeteria on Urbanspoon 

But wait, the adventure is not over.

Just around the corner of the cafeteria is the store - Seiffert Market where the student's baking goes for sale as well as pre-packed dinners and food.

And these students know that they are learning and the food may not be perfect.

But where else in the city can you buy braided bread for $1.95?

No wonder the line ups were so long.

VCC Steiffert Market
250 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC

Seiffert Market (VCC) on Urbanspoon

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