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Monday, 3 September 2012

Yay, a New London Drugs

It is no secret that I love London Drugs (read Saturday Shopping, Few of Favourites, and Tour of Kerrisdale).

So when I got word of the new London Drugs opening this weekend at Olympic Village, I was there.

Based on the initial visit, there are four things that make this London Drugs location a candidate to become my favourite for my weekly London Drugs trip.

1. It is in the scenic Olympic village - shop, stroll and people watch.

2. It has a new layout that is more square/circular than rectangular, making it feel even cozier. 

3. It carries all sorts of interesting food condiments that puts the neighbouring Urban Fair to shame.

4. It has smaller carriages for fun shoppers' races through the store.

London Drugs turned the Olympic Village into a playground this weekend. There was the Styrofoam recycling bicycle (at last I know what to do with those yucky Styrofoams instead of packing up my garbage bin with them).

There was the fun booth (yes, the community and environment initiatives of London Drugs are so large that they need their own website). I particularly liked the new initiative of having bins at the stores to recycle cosmetic wrappers (not that I use those) and chocolate wrappers (now those can be handy for my Kit Kat break at the store - buy, eat, recylce in the same spot). And London Drugs is donating 2 cents to the BC Cancer Agency for each package recycled in the stores.

So if you are intrigued about meeting me in person, page me at this new London Drugs on Saturday mornings from now on. I'll buy you a Kit Kat.

London Drugs Olympic Village Store
1622 Salt Street
Vancouver, BC

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