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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Jardin Snowpeas and Stove Top Roast

Snow peas are making a return star appearance at somerville kitchen (read Boys will be Boys for last summer's appearance).

Their season started late this year (or was it that lazy boys planted them later this year)? Either way, the crops are out and with the approaching fall, time to harvest them.

But what to do with them? Ingenious ideas were brainstormed around a roast. But baking fresh snow peas will be a waste of quality crop. And thus a top of the stove recipe was invented.

Here's the recipe, guaranteed to work.

Start with a piece of strip loin that feeds two to three people (sorry, larger families will have to stick to conventional oven roasting).

Grill for a minute on each of the six sides (top, bottom and four sides). Add some water, 1/4 of a beef cube, peppercorn, a bay leaf. Cover and steam for 15 minutes.

√Čt voila...

Now what to do with the snow peas (remember, that was what started all of this).

Simple. Throw them in the pot at the end to steam for a couple of minutes and serve alongside the roast beef.

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