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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Brunching at Rhizome

I must have passed this sign endless times by car, foot or bus over the years. But when a friend asked to meet there for brunch, I just drew a blank and had to rush to my iPhone to find out where Rhizome Café is.

Walking into Rhizome you are hit with three emotions simultaneously:

First - this is a neat, somewhat psychedelic space yet filled with people of all sorts and walks of life.

Second - this is a place all about caring; caring about the food, the community and the employees.

Third - this promises good, fresh, tasty, and healthy food.

And Rhizome delivered on all.

The slow cooked oatmeal and dates comes with brown sugar, lemon zest and your choice of cow or soy milk.

Maybe nothing unique, but definitely made with care and quality ingredients.

The butter milk pancakes are large, fluffy and filling.

They are definitely not greasy or stale. The maple lemon zest combo just adds flavour.

Very enjoyable brunch indeed. I'll return for lunch one day.

Rhizome Café
317 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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