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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Wacky Meatloaf

What happens when you feel like meatloaf but know you have been eating way too much meat lately?

Let's add spaghetti to it (and you wonder why I call it Wacky Meatloaf).

Note to self - next time put the pasta in between layers of meat only as opposed to mixing all together - the top was crunchy and the slicing was difficult.

But the taste was memorable and I will sure do it again.

But wacky Thursday did not stop here - catses had their own, onion free, meatloaf.

This was baked along with the wacky meatloaf. 

Served garnished with cat grass.

Amazing meal - so good that I ate way too much and the added carb did not help.

This should have been me in front of the fire - but the blog no-human pictures police replaced me with catses.

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