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Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Places One Finds on Main

I have not yet dedicated a full article to one store. But this market on Main Street is so intriguing, entertaining and fun to shop at that is worth an article on its own.

910 Supermarket at 4355 Main Street it is. Don't look for the name to find it (too small). Just look for the bright orange awning and the fresh looking fruit with bright handwritten signs everywhere.

The owner is a friendly young entrepreneur that believes in local foods and the community. He runs the store, the cashier and writes the signs by hand.

Examine this picture closely and get a feel of his business philosophy.

The produce he carries is great and very reasonably priced given most is local.

Today I picked up three bags of produce for $16.98 covering 12 different fruit and vegetables.

My bounty included those delicious looking green mints and Thai basil which you can count on finding at 910 Supermarket at any time of the year.

He also carries other groceries - bread, tofu, eggs, dairy, canned goods.
So support a local entrepreneur, local farmers and our diverse Main Street community by shopping at 910 Supermarket at 4355 Main Street.

Make sure you have a chat with the owner - a good, honest, down-to-earth guy that is there to help you with anything you need.

I just love his note about avoiding using VISA or MC - when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

I will see you again next week my new friend. All others reading, hope to see you there too next week.


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