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Monday, 3 December 2012

Lunch at Oru

You are looking at this picture and wondering if I am reporting from Mars.

I may as well given how uniquely decorated Oru Cuisine is.

Now what kind of cuisine it is remains a mystery. Reading the menu you get a sense of Japanese with its signature sushi and sashimi platter and bento box lunch.

But suddenly you see baked gorgonzola shells and baked fusili bolognese. 

At night the menu takes a steak-house turn. The daily specials add to the mystery.

The above was one of those mysteries.

A Japanese version of bouillabaisse, it had seared tuna, toast topped with lobster, mussels and fish.

Tasty? Absolutely. 

Worth the $$$? Not so sure.

The baked gorgonzola shells, on the other hand, is a good filling value for $16, albeit it may put high cholesterol types into cardiac arrest with "gorgonzola cheese sauce baked with parmigiano reggiano and more gorgonzola".

Oru Cuisine
1038 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC

Oru at Fairmont Pacific Rim on Urbanspoon

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