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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Catching Up Over Food

A best university friend who I have seen only once in the past 20+ years whips into town for 18 hours' visit. How best to catch up than over food. 

While I won't bore you with the gossip, I will share with you the food that accompanied the catching up. 

The poor friend did not have time to catch her breath upon arrival. She dropped her bags and within 3 minutes, we were on our way to 3702 Main, for afternoon tea at Shaktea.

Nothing could have been better than catching up over Shaktea's delicious afternoon tea service.
After a two hour driving tour of the city, all went back to somerville kitchen where the morning was busy preparing a feast worthy of the special friend.

The appetizers were spread out; spinach pies Lebanese style, home made humus (click for recipe), stuffed jardin chard (click for recipe), halloom toasts, jardin thyme pickles (read more at Pickled Thyme), and lots of wine.

The dinner party moved quickly into le jardin given how pleasant the evening turned out to be. 

The main dish was nothing but the somerville kitchen specialty - chicken and beef rice cake sprinkled with fried almonds and pine nuts.

As we were emptying the bottle of wine, and all enjoying a pleasant evening, swiss chocolates gifted to me directly from Switzerland came out. We sampled the white, dark and praline chocolates. 

The night went by way too fast. Early morning, time for goodbye, a breakfast of sunny side up eggs, toast, and sour cherry perogies provided the required fuel for the long drive ahead.

Thank you for visiting, good luck with your new adventure and come back soon.


Janice said...

lovely post m....
what a sweet lemon reamer!
And such beautiful packaging for the chocolate pralines. And of course, all of that amazing Lebanese food! mmmmm

somerville kitchen said...

Thanks, and you have two outstanding Lebanese food dinner invites... let's plan.

Soaring Star said...

The company, the tea, the food, the wine (which by the way didn't give me a headache --means really good wine) were more golden memories to engrave in our hearts to cherish. I will be back....